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Birthdate:Jul 1
Oh come on... You know me. Everybody knows and loves me even if I never met 'em in my life. Oh, name? Call me Spider. Spider Nancy. I'm well-to-do, got everything going for me that I could ever want... 'Course, I'm a god, so that comes naturally. What? You didn't know that? Oh, right. Guess you wouldn't know. Well, to make a long story short, dad's a god and mum's a not. That is, she's mortal but I'm a god by default 'cause of him. Ever heard of Anansi? Same guy. He's a spider, sure, except when he's a man. Same with me. Still following? Hello? I guess I lost 'em with that last bit. Ah well... Anyway, I've got this brother, [info]fat_charlie, who's a bit more grounded than I (like the anchor of a skiff), but he's okay, really.

***Unusual Characteristics***
(For those who haven't read "Anansi Boys"...)

Spider looks FABULOUS. A young man, dark hair, dark skin, dressed to kill smarter than James Bond - and that's just because he's a screaming success in life. Now then... Spider's a god, or at least half-god. Son-of-a-god, of Anansi, gives you alot of perks. He's got the god-voice, which makes people or things believe whatever he's saying. He's able to create tricks of illusion, do all number of things spider-related (as in like Mr. Nancy), and can most certainly transport himself places as long as he's got a firm idea of where it is. Just envision a very swanky fellow...and there's your man.

And now the whole low-down. More than brother, Spider was actually a part of Fat Charlie at one point, but he had to go away. The two hadn't seen each other until their mother's death, and only recently reunited under the condition of...well...Fat Charlie inviting him. It was under completely-innocent circumstances. Their father was dead. And so, they celebrated - wine, women, and singing - until the next morning where, unfortunately, his brother was sorely lacking in the ability to function. So, taking upon himself to do the man a favor, Spider walked into the Grahame Coats Agency, said "I am Fat Charlie Nancy", and the rest was history.

Now, we have the unfortunate chaos of Spider overstaying his welcome...or rather asserting himself right into Fat Charlie's lifestyle and making a mess of it. To be sure, Spider appears to be taking Fat Charlie's fiance', making Grahame Coats highly suspicious of him, and never EVER leaving his flat. A very troublesome deal indeed...

Spider Nancy is from Anansi Boys, and is the property of Neil Gaiman. He's only here for the roleplaying in [info]milliways_bar, and any party along the way, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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